Outside Party Works

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We provide Project coordination and outside party interface for developers, utility companies and other clients carrying out works in close proximity to the Railway. ​

Ecliptic can provide you with support and guidance when negotiating with Network Rail’s Asset Protection (ASPRO) Teams.​

Our consultants understand the concerns that Network Rail have when 3rd parties wish to undertake works near their infrastructure and can help mitigate their fears by providing competent advice to both you and Network Rail. This assures them that you understand your requirements in protecting the rail network.

Performing the role of Contractors Engineering Manager (CEM) where applicable, or providing support to company CEM in compliance with NR/L2/INI/02009.

Performing the role of Contractor’s Responsible Engineer, CRE (Design and Construction) for specific projects or contracts.

Developing and mentoring program for in-house CEM / CRE to comply with NR/L2/INI/02009.

Advising on Network Rail requirements, procedures and standards for the management of civil engineering/construction works over, under or adjacent to Network Rail infrastructure.

Undertaking full-scale project management for all types and sizes of projects which includes production of relevant project compliance documentation packs (Construction Phase Plan, Work Package Plan or Method Statements, Environmental & Waste Management plan, Consents, Health & Safety File etc.)

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